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Development Consulting : Countries, Regions, Cities & Town Development Consulting

FDIWeek offers specialized development consulting services to countries, regions, cities, and economic development organizations focused on driving growth through targeted foreign direct investment (FDI). Our approach revolves around sourcing and facilitating the right investors to establish new businesses, manufacturing facilities, and service operations that generate employment, tax revenues, and economic development.

We understand that sustainable economic progress relies on attracting productive investments aligned with each location’s unique strengths, infrastructure, and priorities. Through our proven investor sourcing capabilities, we identify and engage prospective investors globally that can create mutually beneficial business ventures in key sectors such as: 

Manufacturing We tap into our extensive network to attract manufacturers seeking new production hubs for specific industries like automotive, electronics, consumer goods, machinery etc. This catalyzes the development of manufacturing clusters, employment opportunities, export revenue and integration into global supply chains. 

Outsourcing and Shared Services

By promoting client locations to leading companies, we facilitate the establishment of global business services hubs, call centers, data processing facilities etc. This enables the development of skilled local workforces while providing an economic boost. uilding Trust with Stakeholders: Ethical business practices build trust among customers, employees, suppliers, and the community. When a company consistently demonstrates its commitment to ethical behavior, it gains a reputation for reliability and integrity. This trust is essential for developing strong, long-term relationships with stakeholders, which are vital for the success and growth of the business.

Technology and R&D

Our efforts focus on attracting investments into innovation hubs, tech parks, research centers etc. which spur knowledge economies, high-value job creation and develop crucial capabilities for long-term competitiveness.

Our full-cycle consulting begins with in-depth analysis to understand each client’s objectives, resources, assets, target sectors and unique value propositions. We then leverage our global investor intelligence to identify and engage companies with intersecting requirements and expansion goals.  

This is followed by targeted outreach campaigns, arranging site visits, facilitating negotiations, coordinating approvals and incentives, and providing comprehensive aftercare – all with the aim of turning investment leads into operational business setups driving tangible economic impact.

By combining our cross-border investment expertise and robust support infrastructure, we empower locations to strategically position themselves as attractive investment destinations, unlock new sources of foreign capital, revenue streams and growth catalysts aligned with their developmental aspirations.

Typical step-by-step process for our country, region or city development consulting through investor sourcing:


  1. Desktop Assessment
    • Conduct an initial assessment of the country/region/city’s economy, priority industries, infrastructure, incentives, etc.
    • Identify target sectors/opportunities suitable for foreign investment
    • Outline overall strategy and recommendations
    • Budget range: $2 000,000 – $10,000,000.
  2. Target Investor Outreach
    • Leverage global investor network and partnerships to identify investors that strategically fit identified priority sectors
    • Send investment teaser proposals to engage target investors
    • Host virtual/in-person meetings, events and tours to showcase opportunities
  3. Investor Facilitation & Hand-holding
    • Provide dedicated support to interested investors with licensing, approvals, site selection etc.
    • Negotiate agreements, incentives and facilitate partnerships between investors and local authorities
    • Hand-hold investors through entire setup process
  4. Ongoing Post-Investment Support
    • Set up investor aftercare program to support operational investments
    • Offer expansion support services as investors look to grow and reinvest
    • Build investor testimonials and case studies for further promotion.

This multi-phase strategic consulting develops the investment ecosystem and channels investor interest into concrete commitments, execution and ongoing growth of investment, businesses and jobs.

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Landsdowne House
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