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FDI Strategic Consultancy

FDIWeek provides comprehensive foreign direct investment (FDI) strategic consulting services to clients such as Governments, regions, cities, associations and other stakeholders to promote investment  and foreign direct investment. Our team of experts conducts in-depth analyses to understand each client’s unique strengths, opportunities, and challenges. We then develop tailored strategies aligning economic priorities with global investment trends, target segments, and value propositions. This holistic approach ensures a coordinated, multi-pronged plan to achieve sustainable FDI growth.

World Class Experts

Our Team of world class experts we deploy on a per project basis are world class, with experience working on projects from many organisations including but not limited to the World Bank, European Union, IFC, Asia Development Bank, European Investment Banks, European Bank, European Bank For Reconstruction and Development Bank ( EBRDB), African Development Bank, USAID and many other organisation

Development Consulting : Countries, Regions, Cities & Town Development Consulting

FDIWeek offers specialized development consulting services to countries, regions, cities, and economic development organizations focused on driving growth through targeted foreign direct investment (FDI). Our approach revolves around sourcing and facilitating the right investors to establish new businesses, manufacturing facilities, and service operations that generate employment, tax revenues, and economic development.

We understand that sustainable economic progress relies on attracting productive investments aligned with each location’s unique strengths, infrastructure, and priorities. Through our proven investor sourcing capabilities, we identify and engage prospective investors globally that can create mutually beneficial business ventures in key sectors

Public Relations

Effective public relations is paramount in shaping perceptions and reaching target audiences. FDIWeek crafts compelling narratives and messaging that resonate with investors, conveying the client’s competitive advantages and investment potential. Through strategic media outreach, placement of thought leadership content, and cultivation of relationships with key opinion leaders, we amplify visibility and cultivate a positive reputation as an attractive investment destination.


Clear, consistent, and persuasive communication is the cornerstone of successful investment promotion. FDIWeek develops integrated communications campaigns deploying the most impactful channels and tactics to reach prospective investors. Our services include creating marketing collateral, websites, social media campaigns, curated investor newsletters, and multimedia content. We ensure a unified voice that resonates across touchpoints.


Navigating political and regulatory landscapes is crucial for facilitating investments. FDIWeek’s lobbying services provide clients with strategic advocacy support to influence policies, legislation, and decision-makers. Our team maintains relationships with key stakeholders, policymakers, and industry groups, enabling us to effectively represent clients’ interests, address investor concerns, and propose regulatory reforms conducive to attracting FDI.

Investment Conferences and Events

FDIWeek organizes high-level investment conferences and events that serve as catalysts for fostering connections, generating leads, and closing deals. Our events bring together investors, business leaders, government officials, and industry experts, creating unique networking opportunities. Through curated programs, exhibitions, and one-on-one meetings, we facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaborations that drive investment outcomes.

Location Branding and Destination Marketing

Establishing a strong location brand is instrumental in differentiating the client’s investment proposition. FDIWeek’s branding experts develop compelling narratives, visual identities, and marketing strategies that resonate with investors and align with the client’s economic vision. Our destination marketing initiatives leverage targeted advertising, influencer campaigns, and strategic partnerships to increase global awareness and attract investment interest.

Investment Promotion

At the core of our services lies investment promotion – a multi-faceted approach to generating investor interest, facilitating deals, and nurturing long-term relationships. FDIWeek combines investor outreach, lead generation, project packaging, and tailored investor support to streamline the entire investment cycle. Our team provides guidance on incentives, regulatory frameworks, and investment facilitation, ensuring a seamless experience for investors.

Investment Brokerage FDIWeek’s investment brokerage service connects clients with potential investors globally, leveraging our extensive network and market intelligence. We identify and pre-screen investors, facilitate introductions, and provide end-to-end support throughout the investment process. Our brokerage services enable clients to expand their investor outreach, match projects with suitable investors, and accelerate foreign direct investment into priority sectors.

By integrating these comprehensive services, FDIWeek empowers clients to gain traction in their goal to drive sustainable economic growth through increased foreign direct investment.

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